Email Setting Information

Our webmail software now includes;
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Auto-Responder (for when you are away).

When your new account is first set-up,
your current password is set to: temp12
Please log into
and go to Settings and then select the Password tab

In order to download your emails onto Outlook Express, Eudora, etc..
You will need to use the following account settings.

For POP3
incoming server:
No SSL encyption
user name: (your full email address)
(the username requires the on the end)
Password security must be none or open text

outgoing server:
No SSL encyption
Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication
Requires username and password (the same as the incoming server)
The outgoing port should be changed from 25 to 587

Incoming server:
All the other settings are the same settings as POP3

If you are collecting your email on a second device (ie. Smartphone and computer)
In the advanced settings
set it for Leave a copy of the message on the server
On one device select, removed from server after 10 days